Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Plaid in full.

I decided to keep the blue plaid but I have changed to a red shirt under the armor.
I think this ties in to the rest of the army enough without building traditional Scotts guard.

what do you think?

Deliverance! Now squeel like a manticore...

I Have been toying with the idea of building the Emperors deliverance Manticore battery from white dwarf 365(US)

I built this Manticore counts as before the new plastic kit came out and it worked out well...

But now I have two of the current plastic kits and I am not sure if the old conversion will stand in as well.

Now a new coat of paint is in order but other than that, do you think this could be a manticore? perhaps pulled into duty from a different forgeworld than the others?
you thoughts are appreciated!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bay Area Open Pictures

So this tournament didn't go so well for me. 2 wins 4 losses and a single tie.

still, it's hard to be upset when I can have beer!

the main problem I found with the guard power blob is that dedicated close combat troops will grind you down too fast. I may try this style again with cheaper artillery...

but until then, Pictures!

Hold the Line lads! those Orks will never take us!

I'd call that a target rich environment!

against the Dark Eldar on an Ice world.

The witches attack!
Drookians scouting ahead of the main force
This hill is nice but that one is nicer...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Colonel Soulban

Colonel Soulban of the 23rd Praetorian Guard

Leman Russ

Leman Russ Battle Tank of the Armored 3rd Company, First Squadron. this is the first in the squad


Leman Russ Executioner of the Armored 3rd Company, Third Squadron. this is the first in the squad

The Problem with Plaid

when I added my penal legion troopers to my army I knew I wanted them to represent the alcohol fueled maniacs from Drook VI. The choice of plaid on my first squad seemed an obvious choice since it was my family tartan.
however since that first squad I have purchased enough models to complete two more and thus my connundrum. Should I keep all three squads in the same color? or should I switch up the plaids between squad to create squad diversity?

I have been thinking of perhaps employing a yellow plaid but I'm not sure.

I'm also trying to decide how to better tie these troops into the rest of my Praetorians. I want to remain true to the Drookian theme with lots of greys and earthtones but I almost think there should be a red shoulderpad or something.

what do you think?