Thursday, May 31, 2012

Searching for Stormtroopers with a faithful hound...

Finally got started working on my warhound!
I know I'm suppossed to be working on praetorian command squads but this resin monster was calling me from it's box in the closet!

hopefully will have him finished by this weekend and I can start working on other projects.

As far as other projects go I have been searching for the old school baret stormtroopers. I need one plasma gunner, one melta gunner and one regular trooper to complete my two squads.
I have thought about mixing in the old metal hooded troopers but I think that might hurt the overall look. anyway if you happen across the above listed models and are willing to sell/trade let me know.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Glorious Defense of Little River

Had a friendly game with a pair of buddies a few nights ago which sadly threw off my posting schedule.

however as promised I have new pictures!

The game itself was a 3100pt planet strike with me playing the defenders.
my base was against a table edge and surrounded by a little river.
we designated the river as dangerous terrain excluding two ford points where troops and vehicles could safely cross.

my plan was to force them to fight thru the little hold and into the main area with my bastions.
this plan worked very well, despite horrendous casualties in the little hold, the big hold saw no close combat and very little in the way of shooting save for the pregame firestorm which disabled the executioner and killed 19 guardsmen and 6 drookian scouts.

Little River defenses!

Big Hold.

Little Hold.

Big Hold after the firestorm

Little Hold takes the full force of the enemies fury!

An Imperial war hound arrives to relieve the defenders!

The Game ended in a victory but it was hard fought!
the war hound lost all but its last structure point and little hold was at the end held by 4 Drookians, the tanks all having been destroyed.

That's what I have for you on this front!
till next time, Cheers

not strictly Praetorians...

...I got the painting bug for something without rows of tiny red coats.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Return to Glory!

Back from a fantastic 2 weeks in Ireland and ready to get back into the saddle so to speak.

just before leaving I was able to nab about 30 praetorians at a swap meet for $20! very pleased.

I also managed to find 15 of the old plastic stormtroopers, 9 necromunda arbites and the best of all, an armour cast warhound!

needless to say I have some painting to do!

Should have some new pictures up by the end of the week!