Saturday, January 21, 2012

Defeat on Tion Prime.

finally made it down to the shop to play a few practice games. due to a lack of appropriate models I played a modified list from the one posted dropping the good Colonel and a Drookian Scout squad to make room for a Leman Russ battle tank and an Executioner.

My first opponent of the evening was a space wolf player.
I deployed with the blob squad acting as bubble wrap for the Russ' since I didn't want his drop podding Melta teams to destroy them without a fight. Unfortunately I deployed Center board and looking back I should have Castled the Objective in a corner.

my next game was against the Necrons "woken" by my battle with the renegade marines.

they just wouldn't stay dead! that combined with my inability to land a shot with my Russ' made for an uncomfortable end for the guard.

list Pros:
running 30 men with a lord Commissar soaked up an incredible amount of shooting. especially since he had a camo-cloak and conferred stealth U.S.R. to the blob.

List Cons:
the las cannon weapon teams didn't earn their points at all. with a spearhead deployment they might have had a chance but with dawn of war and battle line they just provided juicy targets for my foes.

Marbo was fairly useless in such a small game. maybe I'm just bad at deploying him.

the 1250pt tourney is a week away and I'm wondering if I should abandon my foot list in favor of my standard chimera parking lot.

on a brighter note my rough riders and the next batch of recruits from Drook arrived from Victoria Lamb! just need to get the horses and I'm set.


Monday, January 16, 2012

New Guard FAQ

I neglected to check the calender this weekend and found my gaming space taken over by a 48hour lan party. so no practice games this weekend. :(

on the other hand, this came out..

pretty standard stuff with two notable points.

firstly a tech priest or ministorum priest may be used as your mandatory HQ which opens the doors for all of those Skitari and ministorum themed armies we've been wanting to build.

and secoundly, albeit more importantly the lowly infantry platoon counts as a single deployment in missions that restrict it.

essentually the 50 man blob and all 5 heavy weapons teams can deploy for dawn of war.
a full extra turn of fire from those heavy weapons that otherwise whould have to march on turn 1? Yes please!

am I missing something here or is this kinda awesome?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Picture update and further inspection of the troops

New Pictures up. My friend Pete was kind enough to lend me his camera so here they are!

First off is my first attempt at epaulettes...
I think that the cuts went a little too close together. not sure if I should complete the tops and hope paint covers the difference or pull em off and start again.

comments and feedback appreciated.

then we have the company astropath. I'm not 100% on the color of his robes so any thoughts would be great.

and rounding out the command is our resident battle priest.
I think his robes turned out good. looking forward to painting the rest of him.

on to the rest of the troops

here is the latest batch of troopers.

when they are finished they should match up with these guys I painted up last year

and finally a closer look at my Drookian Sgt. After painting 50 red coats my eyes needed a break so I started these. I use these squads a penal legions as it seems to work with the fluff for Drookian fen guard.

well that's it for the moment.

more painting tonight and happy weekend to all.

as always feedback is appreciated.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

To purchase a decent camera... or some more guardsmen?

The sad fact of the matter is that my phone camera just doesn't cut it for taking pictures closer than a foot away. This pretty much makes it impossible to show off the work I've completed on my green stuff, so here are some stock pictures of mammals and open fields to keep you occupied.

Here's what we have started on the command group. Regimental banner, master vox, heavy flamer conversion, sister hospitilar as my medic, an astropath and of course the Colonel (still WIP)

The first batch of Drookian Scouts using Victoria Lamb highland guard conversion packs.

And finally an overview of the 1250pts on my table. thankfully there are big chunks that I've already painted. otherwise I'd never make my deadline of the 27th.

I'll see if I can borrow a better camera to take some detail shots.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Time... Where does it go?

So I find myself once again three weeks from a tournament and a great deal of painting to do. that coupled with the fact that I'm still building my regimental command.

tonight I will be starting on Colonel Soulban and friends. I chose to go with the cadian command box to build my Colonel as it has both the bionic arm holding a power sword and I like the trench coated command model.

Since Soulban is a Straken counts as, I figure some form of bionics is appropriate. I took the time to shave off the cadian style shoulder pads and tonight I will be breaking out the Green stuff to start on his Epualettes, following the recipe here.

Here's what I have so far.

Friday, January 6, 2012

1250 revised.

Compliments to Buffer for reminding me of the illustrious Marbo.

this revision of my last list is meant to give me a strong fire-base whilst containing enough loose elements to keep the opponent guessing where Marbo and the penal squads will arrive.

straken is there for the counter-charge and the platoon blobs together with the commissar to deliver 9 power weapon attacks a turn.

I chose to leave the power weapon off of one of the platoon sergeants as it seems likely that at least one of them will be executed during the course of the battle and I don't wish to waste my points on such.

I also switched out the autocannons for heavy bolters. I figured the melta in the squad can deal with anything getting too close and the extra shots may help take down some infantry.

with 13 lascannons I don't feel like I'm hurting for anti-tank support.

as always your thoughts are appreciated.


Company Command Squad
Heavy flamer
regimental standard
Col. Soulban (straken counts as)


Infantry platoon
Platoon Command squad
power weapon
platoon standard

Infantry squad
Commissar with power weapon
heavy bolter
Power weapon

Infantry squad
Heavy bolter
Power weapon

Infantry squad
Heavy bolter
Power weapon

Heavy weapon squad

Heavy weapon squad

Heavy weapon squad

Heavy weapon squad

Drookian Scouts (penal legion)

Drookian Scouts (penal legion)

total 1250pts.