Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Infantry squad complete!

Here we have for your viewing pleasure the first squad of my blob platoon and the platoon commissar. painted and based at long last.

next up we should have 3 more squads, a platoon command section and finally an aegis line behind which they can all sit happily plunking away at orks!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Man, The Myth, The Marbo...

Guardsman Marbo has been a fast favorite of guard players the world over since his updated rules came out in 5th edition. He has been portrayed in pith helmets and kilts, Russian fur hats and Cadian standard gear. Marbo has even been seen on occasion masquerading as an Indian chief.

A quick google search will show you the many and varied ways that players have customized this character to their collections.

today I would like to discuss Marbo and 6th edition. As with any change in the rules we find ourselves scrambling to see how we must adapt our strategies and hoping that our favorite units have not been completely ruined and in this case I am happy to report that, in my humble opinion, Marbo has gotten even better!

His high WS, initiative and number of attacks mix nicely with the new challenge rules meaning that the loner guardsman might win some combats in 6th. only having to fight one on one is a huge boost for this guy.

His shooting attacks have gotten better as well with the wound allocation rules and his ability to show up behind the enemy to blast their models hidden in back ranks.

However, the real advantage that I have found is in the secondary objectives arena.
Line breaker is a secondary objective in most scenarios that I have read. Marbo makes an ideal line breaker as he can arrive anywhere he pleases and remain fairly safe with stealth and move thru cover. Often times your opponent will forget about the lone guardsman hiding behind that hill at the back of his deployment since he is just sitting and not posing a threat.
Even if they decide to gun for him, careful placement of Marbo can ensure that your opponent wastes resources and turns dealing with him instead of the fighting at hand.

and all this for 10pts more than a chimera... sounds like a deal to me.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

In Defense of the Blob

This week I have managed to get in no less than three games of 6th edition. my initial thoughts are that deployment has become slightly more strategic with the additions of fortifications and my only chief complaint for the edition thus far has to be the randomess of terrain features and objectives. (I have a notoriusly bad memory)

While working on my lists I have checked on what others have had to say about the edition, what works, what doesn't and what is downright terrible. In my searching I have found several instances of people saying that the Guard blob squad has had its last huzzah.

I would like to politely disagree. While it is no longer the close combat grind machine that it was in 5th ed. the blob is a very effective firebase. I have been running mine with 40 men 4 autocannons 5 powerweapons and a single Commissar. This all sits neatly behind my aegis defense line.

here is what we have here. one set of aegis lines comfortably holds 40guardsmen and then some. that gives us a nice 4+cover/2+if we go to ground. with cover like that they become very difficult to move and they produce enough firepower to make my regular opponents fearful of ignoring them.

overwatch provides these boys with another layer of protection since they can put out an awesome amount of firepower!

I for one will continue to use my blob as a defensive line until they start becomeing a liability.

Hold the line boys! For the Emperor and Praetoria!