Friday, April 6, 2012

Side Tracking...

A few weeks ago I dug my old Necromunda gangs out of the box they have been living in and got the sudden urge to not only paint them (a task I never completed) but also to convince a few friends that Necromunda is hugely popular and that we should play a campaign!
(pictures to follow)

In other news the blog (and largely painting, building and the like) are taking a back seat for the next month or so, as I prepare for my wedding (4-21-12) and honeymoon. (april 23 - may 9)

while I tried to convince the Wife-to-be that warhammer world would be the ideal romantic local for our get-a-way she didn't buy in. so I will have to settle for Ireland. ;)

expect regular posting to resume in May


  1. Congratulations!! Wow that's soon. Best of luck :)

  2. Further congratulations!! Good luck. Don't worry about the warhammer thing. After several years of slowly loosing shelf/house space to models etc, she'll realise that it'll be easier to give up and join in...

  3. Thanks guys,
    but somehow I think she won't convert... ;)