Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Take and Hold!

I wish to present an idea I've been running with the last few weeks, Harker Stonetooth. As a character upgrade for a veteran squad Harker brings some neat tools to the table. first off is infiltrate which allows for options when deployment, either outflanking or starting in an ideal position.

The secound tool is stealth, Harker confers this rule onto his entire squad and with the changes to camo cloaks, (which can be gained with the forward sentires upgrade) this means that your veteran squad can sit in a ruin an boast a 2+ cover save!

Now throw in a heavy flamer, a heavy bolter team and a pair of additional special weapons of choice (I'll likely be running grenade launchers due to limited model supply) and you have a tough unit that is difficult to move and can put out a fair amount of anti-infantry fire.

So lets break it down
10 men
6 Str 5 shots
2 Str 6 shots / Str 3 blasts
1 Str 5 template / D3 overwatch hits
4 Str 3 flashlights...
2+ cover. in ruins 5+ in the open.

all for less than 200pts.

Any thoughts?

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