Friday, May 10, 2013

Final preparations for battle

Apologies for the poor picture quality.
Front view of the board for tomorrows 1750.

The lone sentinal acts as a searchlight spotter for the manticores during night fighting.
First Rank Fire!

The battle psykers cast their minds about the battlefield while overseer Strapp ensures their "safety"
prepare for preliminary bombardment!
flight of valkyries inbound.
squads 4 and 5 man the skyeagle missile turret and hold the bunker on hill 17.
here a lowly orderly can be seen taking stock of ammo researves.
the Colonel pours over tactical maps with his advisors! "there right bloody there! look where I'm pointing damnit!"
the Company colors.
Blue Company; Black Platoon command!
Field justice, up against a wall.

and there you have it! hopefully will be getting some decent paint scores for these tomorrow and maybe even win? that may be asking too much. List and strategies to come.


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