Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shameless plug #1

Ok people this is a shameless plug...


Praetorian army for sale!!!
60 lasguns
6 flamers
4 melta guns
10 grenade launchers
6 heavy bolsters and crew
2 extra crewmen
6 auto cannons and crew
1 missile launcher team
9 las cannons and crew
2 banner bearers
14 officers
6 misc casualties/crew
5 ogryns
10 ratlings

My buddy is selling his guard and is asking $900 and he will ship it. 

That's 144 individual praetorians not including the rats or the ogryn. 


  1. I recently sold my Eldar and found I had much better luck on eBay by offering them as individual units. Best of luck to your buddy.

    1. That's likely what will happen to this lot.. but I figured it was worth a shot.

  2. Are these still available? May be interested if he would deal with a UK customer.

  3. I would love to purchase this army, I live in Chicago, IL, my email is I hopefully can work a deal out after a few questions.

  4. unfortunately my pal did sell the army in late August.
    sorry for the lack of communication