Tuesday, August 12, 2014

To repel the Red Waaagh!

Played a very enjoyable game of planet strike this last weekend, as part of the Red Waaagh campaign. The heroic men of the Praetorian 23rd successfully defended a command bunker and as such will allow all of their knight allies to scout during the next battle!
Here a ratling sniper overlooks the killing field in front of the trench network.
5 objectives are scattered around the main defensive zone.
man the interceptor weaponry!
An Ogryn squad does their part to defend the trenches. Their ripper guns would later be excellent for killing Orks!
Father Mathias seems to see something wrong with one of the wyrdvane psykers.... wonder what it could be?
a very blurry shot of my reserves.

all told I had a company command squad with banner, vox, astropath and officer of the fleet.
a knight errant
two infantry platoons, one mounted in chimeras to act as reserve and on to man the trenches.
a banewolf 
3 ratlings
3 ogryn
a veteran squad 
1 primaris psyker 
1 priest 
1 commisar 
2 units of 5 wyrdvanes.

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