Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bay Area Open Pictures

So this tournament didn't go so well for me. 2 wins 4 losses and a single tie.

still, it's hard to be upset when I can have beer!

the main problem I found with the guard power blob is that dedicated close combat troops will grind you down too fast. I may try this style again with cheaper artillery...

but until then, Pictures!

Hold the Line lads! those Orks will never take us!

I'd call that a target rich environment!

against the Dark Eldar on an Ice world.

The witches attack!
Drookians scouting ahead of the main force
This hill is nice but that one is nicer...


  1. Great looking photos! your army looks great sprawled out like that.

  2. Love the photos mate, its always a treat to see the boys take to the field!