Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Problem with Plaid

when I added my penal legion troopers to my army I knew I wanted them to represent the alcohol fueled maniacs from Drook VI. The choice of plaid on my first squad seemed an obvious choice since it was my family tartan.
however since that first squad I have purchased enough models to complete two more and thus my connundrum. Should I keep all three squads in the same color? or should I switch up the plaids between squad to create squad diversity?

I have been thinking of perhaps employing a yellow plaid but I'm not sure.

I'm also trying to decide how to better tie these troops into the rest of my Praetorians. I want to remain true to the Drookian theme with lots of greys and earthtones but I almost think there should be a red shoulderpad or something.

what do you think?


  1. Why not a red plaid out of interest? That would then tie to your main colour scheme.

  2. Ach! I'm a sucker for uniformity. I'd have no choice but to gofor the same across the board.

  3. Buffer, I'd thought about red but I liked the family design. I'd prefer not to repaint the ones I already have finished.

    Drax, Yea me too. I was hoping that I might be persuaded otherwise but it's not looking like it.

    so I guess I need to figure out my color and go for that across the board.
    maybe I'll paint up some testers...

  4. I went for my family pattern as well. I linked to this site from my blog but it does give some other examples. For a yellow tartan, try looking up Cornish patterns.

  5. Thanks for the Link Ady.
    Very cool.