Wednesday, February 29, 2012

News from the front and 1750pt Bay Area Open list

mangaged to snag a set of 5 tallarn rough riders (including the sgt. with sword) off of ebay for only $50 this week! not a bad deal I think. I probably should have taken some pics of them in the blisters but I couldn't help putting them together! poor picture quality but hopefully that will be remedied with a decent camera by the end of April!

I also primed up another Leman russ and 10 more Drookian scouts for later this month when I go to the CoC. As is usually the case my list has gone thru several revisions so I'll post an update for that next week.

This weekend however will be my first time down at the Bay Area Open! while I may not have as competative an army as those individuals named on BoLS this week I think I will be the only moustached pith helmet wearing general present!

Glory to the 23rd! Glory to Praetoria! Glory to the Empire!

my list will be as follows...


Lord Commissar w/ power weapon and cloak.

Company command /flamer, banner, vox and straken (soulban)


8 psykers and one overseer

Infantry platoon

pcs: 2 grenades, 1 Missile and power fist5 x 10man squads: total 5 lascannons, 3 grenades, 1 vox, and 4 power weapons.
special weapon squad: 2 flamers and 1 demo charge.

Penal legion squad (drookian scouts)
Veterens w/ 3 meltas

2 x vendetta

leman russ battle tank with bolter sponsons

leman russ executioner with plasma sponsons

and thats about it! 1750 on the nose.

basic tactics will include putting the Commissar in with the blobed platoon squads into cover to camp a home objective while the special weapons, vets and penal legion annoy the enemy down range.
should the enemy fight thru my forward elements they face the fury of the two russes and strakens bubble of angry guard!
your thoughts on the list as alway are welcomed!

And finally in closing I present to you this goat!

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