Thursday, February 13, 2014

Captain Eldan Branshil III

I started out with one of Victoria Lambs rough rider models and subbed in the sabre from the baneblade commander. After a little green stuff gap filling I started work on the eppelettes.I also decided that this guy needed a suitable base to make him stand out as my commander!
For the eppelettes I used the basic technique that I learned on Col. Gravis' blog a few years back. Starting with rough lumps and shaping them with a sharpe edge.
After that I hit him with a little paint and while he isn't yet finished I felt like showing off.
Hope you enjoy, 


  1. Looks fantastic! Really great work, the feel of the model is spot on.

    Is he going to be the first of many mounted guys?

  2. Very Nice! I'm sure he'll stand proud on the field of battle and lead your armies to victory.

  3. Great style. And with a name like that he is destined for glory!!

  4. Good work on that. One of the things I actually prefer about the Victoria Lamb figures is the lack of the Big Epaulette. Your addition was well done, though.

  5. For some reason mate, it's a bloody age since I was last on your site: sorry! Nice work...