Wednesday, February 12, 2014

LVO aftermath

AJust starting to get back into the groove of life after my excursion to Vegas for the big tourney. It was an enjoyable weekend of getting my face smashed in. (Got tabled by sisters..) I met some interesting new people blew some money on roulette and spent entirely too much money on food!
Here we can see a pair of titans discussing the finer points of proper handbag design. If you look closely you can see a wrecked rhino by the smaller guys right foot.

I would say my biggest pitfall of the weekend was my lack of reliable scoring units. I brought dark angel bikes with drop pod wolves and despite the major threats to opponents on turn 1&2 I would be pretty well finished by turn 4-5. 
This brought into focus just how much I rely on having tons of scoring power from the IG. Next time I will likely drop the pod wolves (Ah that was punny) and take some guardsmen to sure up my backfield. 

Till next time. 

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