Friday, January 13, 2012

Picture update and further inspection of the troops

New Pictures up. My friend Pete was kind enough to lend me his camera so here they are!

First off is my first attempt at epaulettes...
I think that the cuts went a little too close together. not sure if I should complete the tops and hope paint covers the difference or pull em off and start again.

comments and feedback appreciated.

then we have the company astropath. I'm not 100% on the color of his robes so any thoughts would be great.

and rounding out the command is our resident battle priest.
I think his robes turned out good. looking forward to painting the rest of him.

on to the rest of the troops

here is the latest batch of troopers.

when they are finished they should match up with these guys I painted up last year

and finally a closer look at my Drookian Sgt. After painting 50 red coats my eyes needed a break so I started these. I use these squads a penal legions as it seems to work with the fluff for Drookian fen guard.

well that's it for the moment.

more painting tonight and happy weekend to all.

as always feedback is appreciated.



  1. The first epaulette I did took 3 or 4 goes and I found it very frustrating. The fact is that the more you will do the better they will look. I have gone from hating green stuff to thinking its ok. What helped me was firstly getting my grenstuff really soft before using it, planing exactly where I was going to put lines and details in it, and lastly having a pic of someone else's on hand for reference. your paining is coming along well, I like the lascannon and Drookian.

  2. Practice is the key. Try sculpting a few on regular guard arms for practice. I find that a really sharp knife (wet it) is useful for removing excess GS and making the bottom and sides neat. So what I do (I do it all in 1 go) is put the GS on, better too much than not enough, use the tiny spoon shaped end of the modelling tool to work it into the right shape and reasonable thickness then use the other end to do the lines on the side then cut excess, and keep adding/removing lines and defining them as you so fit, removing as necessary. Is that clear? I'm not sure, I think my method is different to Gravis but I can take some photos of the stages in a day or twos time to illustrate exactly what I mean.