Monday, January 16, 2012

New Guard FAQ

I neglected to check the calender this weekend and found my gaming space taken over by a 48hour lan party. so no practice games this weekend. :(

on the other hand, this came out..

pretty standard stuff with two notable points.

firstly a tech priest or ministorum priest may be used as your mandatory HQ which opens the doors for all of those Skitari and ministorum themed armies we've been wanting to build.

and secoundly, albeit more importantly the lowly infantry platoon counts as a single deployment in missions that restrict it.

essentually the 50 man blob and all 5 heavy weapons teams can deploy for dawn of war.
a full extra turn of fire from those heavy weapons that otherwise whould have to march on turn 1? Yes please!

am I missing something here or is this kinda awesome?

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