Monday, December 17, 2012

Rogue Trader: first thoughts

A group of my friends and I started a Rogue Trader campagin this week. Our adventure (following the sample set out in the core rules) saw our traders set out from Port seeking a lost treasure ship and hot on the heels of a rival trader seeking the same prize. After a 3 day passage in the warp the ship came under attack by pirate raiders in a floating debris field and ultimately was rammed by the enemy. Our heros defeated the pirates but lost 7540 souls from amongst the crew.(nearly 30%)

All things said the game went very well, with a notable exception being the ship combat (most likely due to my unfamiliarity with the rules.) The books are full of details about the universe that the regular scope of warhammer 40k just can't handle. (imagine unique wargear on each of your guardsmen) these details really make the world pop and I would suggest taking a gander at some of the sourcebooks in the neverending attempt to write more fluff for our armies.


  1. Nice! I really enjoyed running Rogue Trader for my local group as well. I agree that the ship combat is a little weird, we ended up using a mish-mash of the rules as presented in the RT rulebook and a bit of Battlefleet Gothic.

    Glad to see there are others playing RT as well - it's my favorite of the fantasy flight 40k settings they've done so far!

    1. It's growing on me for sure. I read a review of battlefleet Koronus that claimed that book had more functional rules for ships. hopefully after the holidays I will be able to post some more details on that topic!

  2. I haven't actually played RT but I have the rulebook, we sometimes use the armoury and equipment section for Necromunda games as well. Can't wait to hear more from this campaign.