Saturday, January 21, 2012

Defeat on Tion Prime.

finally made it down to the shop to play a few practice games. due to a lack of appropriate models I played a modified list from the one posted dropping the good Colonel and a Drookian Scout squad to make room for a Leman Russ battle tank and an Executioner.

My first opponent of the evening was a space wolf player.
I deployed with the blob squad acting as bubble wrap for the Russ' since I didn't want his drop podding Melta teams to destroy them without a fight. Unfortunately I deployed Center board and looking back I should have Castled the Objective in a corner.

my next game was against the Necrons "woken" by my battle with the renegade marines.

they just wouldn't stay dead! that combined with my inability to land a shot with my Russ' made for an uncomfortable end for the guard.

list Pros:
running 30 men with a lord Commissar soaked up an incredible amount of shooting. especially since he had a camo-cloak and conferred stealth U.S.R. to the blob.

List Cons:
the las cannon weapon teams didn't earn their points at all. with a spearhead deployment they might have had a chance but with dawn of war and battle line they just provided juicy targets for my foes.

Marbo was fairly useless in such a small game. maybe I'm just bad at deploying him.

the 1250pt tourney is a week away and I'm wondering if I should abandon my foot list in favor of my standard chimera parking lot.

on a brighter note my rough riders and the next batch of recruits from Drook arrived from Victoria Lamb! just need to get the horses and I'm set.



  1. "especially since he had a camo-cloak conferred stealth U.S.R. to the blob"!?

    No, sorry, that's an error. Page 48 of the rules, 2nd paragraph from the bottom, 5th line: "...the character's special rules are not conferred upon the unit."

    Really sorry to point that one out. That would be one huge camo-clock to cover 30 men ;)

    Having another look at your list I think it's good (although Marbo needs to earn his spot). So maybe just a bit more practice on this new list.
    Best of luck though. It looked like you had plenty of fun. Just look at it as getting all the bad dice rolls out of your system!

  2. I used Marbo the other day and really struggled. He threw his demo charge at a falcon in cover, penetrated, killed it only for it to pass cover save. The lascannons need to be shielded and they need the bring it down order, if you put the blob in front of them you should be okay.

  3. Col. Ackland, Having read page 48 I see where you are going. However if I may present evidence to the contrary.

    Page 74 states "the special rules marked with an asterisk (*) are automatically lost by an independent character joining a unit that does not have the same special rule"

    stealth on page 76 does not have the Asterisk thus the Commissar Lord in question maintains his cover save bonus.

    Then we have this gem from the recent jan, 2012 core rulebook F.A.Q.

    page 7/8, right column:
    Q: if only some of the models in a unit have the Stealth special rule, does the whole unit benefit from the +1 cover save ? (p76)
    A: Yes. In effect the ones with the Stealth special rule(p76) ensure their colleagues also find good places to hide.

    This would seem to indicate that the Commissar cloak trick would indeed be supported by the rules.

    in addition this answer is not listed in the red script that seems to indicate recent additions to the document which leads me to believe that with as many CCT lists I have seen floating around the internet that there is some legitimacy to the trick in question.

    besides there is no way a Proper Praetorian would dare cover their scarlet with a camo cloak...

    ...they may however listen when the commissar tells them to be silent and stand behind those rocks!

    as for Marbo I think he will sit out the next few games and make a reappearance around the 1500pt mark where his randomness won't be as big a liability.

    Col Winterborne,

    "if you put the blob in front of them you should be okay."

    wouldn't that also grant a cover save to my opponents?

    I think that these teams will sit on the shelf until higher point games where Creed or Straken can order them about.

    with respect Gentlemen.


  4. Lol, nice work! I hadn't seen that FAQ and would have been happy for the cover save on the commissar (not the unit) but there it is clearly stated. Thanks for pointing it out so thoroughly. That is a gem that I think will have to use from now on! ;D