Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1250 CoC results

Reporting today on my recent tournament. The Tourney was 1250pts and due to comp restrictions I was forced to add a pair of vendettas to my foot list.

Colonel Soulban ( ca straken )
Flamethrower, vox and standard
Commissar lord
Power weapon and cloak

Platoon command
Lascannon, vox and standard.
Platoon blob
50 men, 1 vox, 5 Lascannon, 3 grenades and 4 power weapons

Special weapons team
Demo charge and 2 grenades

2 vendettas

Melta vets.

Drookian scouts ( penal legion )

My first game was against space wolves.
I Blobed with the commisar and command squads on my home objective and sent the vets, scouts and special weapon teams with the vendettas to tackle his objective.

He ran 2 long fang packs, wolf priest, three bikes and 3 grey hunter packs.

The blob repelled both the bikes and a grey hunter squad in close combat and otherwise traded shots with the long fangs.

His other grey hunters I whittled down with the my other units. Even managed to kill 5 in cover with the demo charge.

Game 2 was against chaos marines.

3 bikes, 2 ten man squads in rhinos, 1 five man squad, 3 terminators, five havocs with missiles and a daemon prince.

He reserved the bikes, terminators and 5 man squad. Which proved my undoing. I boosted the vendettas and lost both by turn 2. One to an angry daemon prince and the other to the bikes melta guns. After that I didn't have the mobility to take the objectives so it ended in a loss for me.

Game 3 was against guard

He ran 2 vendettas and 4 meltavets in chimeras with hull flamers. 2 hydras and a command squad in chimera.

He rushed turn one and I couldn't stop the burning death from destroying the blob squad.

Another loss.

Final thoughts:

I need better anti tank options to take on mech.

The blob in cover with the commissar cloak trick was awesome. It was only stopped by the flamers in the last game.

Going forward I will be adding in the leman russes and hopefully some more mid level anti-tank.

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  1. Despite the losses it sounded like fun. And I must say that your army looks great on the board. For me it seems a lasconnon squad with an officer nearby provides my best antitank fire - even in games when I run 3 destroyer tank hunters and vanquishers! But that may be due to my inability to hit anything with my tanks! Im interested to see where you go from here. Thanks for the battle report! The 23rd live to fight another day ;)