Friday, February 17, 2012

1500pt Contest of Champions (a.k.a. can I paint 30 guardsmen in 30 days?)

March 17th will see me packing the lads into their foam lined dropships and transporting them to yet another warzone!

3 games at 1500pts and my wheels are spinning. this list is a step away from my 1250 list having traded the vendettas for a pair of Leman Russ battle tanks.

I am also excited to add the psyker battle squad which has performed extremly well in my test games so far.

the Giant blob will be broken down into 2 seperate elements of 30 marines each. one will sit back with the Commissar lord in cover and the other will be led by Al'Rahem and sneak on a board edge with melta guns and power weapons!

so without further commentary

HQ: Company Command Squad
Colonel Soulban (c.a. Straken)
vox caster
regimental banner

HQ: Commissar Lord
Camo-cloak and power weapon

Elite: 3 Ratling snipers

Elite: Psyker battle squad
1 overseer and 8 psykers

Troops: Infantry Platoon (big red)
PCS: 3 flamers and chimera
Infantry squad 1: lascannon, vox and power weapon.
Infantry squad 2: Lascannon and power weapon
Infantry squad 3: lascannon and power weapon

Troops: Infantry platoon (desert raiders)
PCS: Al'Rahem
Infantry squad 1: melta-gun and commissar with power weapon
Infantry squad 2: melta-gun and power weapon
Infantry squad 3: melta-gun and power weapon

Troops: Drookian scouts (c.a. Penal legion)

Heavy: Leman russ battle tank with bolter sponsons

Heavy: Leman russ battle tank with bolter sponsons

total: 1500pts on the nose

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