Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bay Area Open

+++Warning. I'm Rambling+++

I purchased my tickets to the event yesterday and even managed to get a few practice games in last friday.

the tournament uses all three scenarios from the core book mashed into one for each of the 7 games to be played, so it was this scenario that I played.

to clarfy, that is 2 capture and control objectives, 3 seize ground objectives and kill points to top it all off.

my first game I played against a pair of players running space marines and blood angels on a pitched battle line. bad luck plagued their first turn and saw their land raider imobalized in their deployment. to add insult to injury the tank was turned sideways to block LOS from my first turn of shooting and never got to fire anything more than the sponson the entire game.

the game went very well for me altough I must admit that bad dice on the part of my opponents really made a difference as I didn't lose a single model until turn 4.

final score: Marines 3 (2 Kill Points and 1 objective) Praetorian XXIII 10 (8 kill points and 2 objectives)

the secound game I played was against necrons and while it saw more individual casualties I gave up no kill points whatsoever. (huzzah for the last battle psyker hiding in a crater) A note on the battle psykers, I ran 8 and an overseer and their weaken resolve ability saw a 15man necron squad and joined named character (can't remember which one) flee off the battle field turn 2, more than double their victory points and double their kill points.

Final score: Necrons 0 Praetorian XXIII 7 (1 objective and 6 Kill points)

all said it was a fun night and even if defeat my opponents were gracious.

3 more weeks to work the kinks out of the list and then it's tourney day!


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