Wednesday, February 29, 2012

News from the front and 1750pt Bay Area Open list

mangaged to snag a set of 5 tallarn rough riders (including the sgt. with sword) off of ebay for only $50 this week! not a bad deal I think. I probably should have taken some pics of them in the blisters but I couldn't help putting them together! poor picture quality but hopefully that will be remedied with a decent camera by the end of April!

I also primed up another Leman russ and 10 more Drookian scouts for later this month when I go to the CoC. As is usually the case my list has gone thru several revisions so I'll post an update for that next week.

This weekend however will be my first time down at the Bay Area Open! while I may not have as competative an army as those individuals named on BoLS this week I think I will be the only moustached pith helmet wearing general present!

Glory to the 23rd! Glory to Praetoria! Glory to the Empire!

my list will be as follows...


Lord Commissar w/ power weapon and cloak.

Company command /flamer, banner, vox and straken (soulban)


8 psykers and one overseer

Infantry platoon

pcs: 2 grenades, 1 Missile and power fist5 x 10man squads: total 5 lascannons, 3 grenades, 1 vox, and 4 power weapons.
special weapon squad: 2 flamers and 1 demo charge.

Penal legion squad (drookian scouts)
Veterens w/ 3 meltas

2 x vendetta

leman russ battle tank with bolter sponsons

leman russ executioner with plasma sponsons

and thats about it! 1750 on the nose.

basic tactics will include putting the Commissar in with the blobed platoon squads into cover to camp a home objective while the special weapons, vets and penal legion annoy the enemy down range.
should the enemy fight thru my forward elements they face the fury of the two russes and strakens bubble of angry guard!
your thoughts on the list as alway are welcomed!

And finally in closing I present to you this goat!

Friday, February 17, 2012

1500pt Contest of Champions (a.k.a. can I paint 30 guardsmen in 30 days?)

March 17th will see me packing the lads into their foam lined dropships and transporting them to yet another warzone!

3 games at 1500pts and my wheels are spinning. this list is a step away from my 1250 list having traded the vendettas for a pair of Leman Russ battle tanks.

I am also excited to add the psyker battle squad which has performed extremly well in my test games so far.

the Giant blob will be broken down into 2 seperate elements of 30 marines each. one will sit back with the Commissar lord in cover and the other will be led by Al'Rahem and sneak on a board edge with melta guns and power weapons!

so without further commentary

HQ: Company Command Squad
Colonel Soulban (c.a. Straken)
vox caster
regimental banner

HQ: Commissar Lord
Camo-cloak and power weapon

Elite: 3 Ratling snipers

Elite: Psyker battle squad
1 overseer and 8 psykers

Troops: Infantry Platoon (big red)
PCS: 3 flamers and chimera
Infantry squad 1: lascannon, vox and power weapon.
Infantry squad 2: Lascannon and power weapon
Infantry squad 3: lascannon and power weapon

Troops: Infantry platoon (desert raiders)
PCS: Al'Rahem
Infantry squad 1: melta-gun and commissar with power weapon
Infantry squad 2: melta-gun and power weapon
Infantry squad 3: melta-gun and power weapon

Troops: Drookian scouts (c.a. Penal legion)

Heavy: Leman russ battle tank with bolter sponsons

Heavy: Leman russ battle tank with bolter sponsons

total: 1500pts on the nose

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tanks and paints

This last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a weathering and pigments class presented by MisterJustin of secret weapon minis. The class lasted about 3.5 hours and the result is that I have become a convert to pigment weathering.

I know it's a bit blurry but I think that it turned out pretty good. Especially when you consider that it's one layer of paint over a white undercoat with pigments doing the rest!

On to the armor then! I am finishing up the weather effects on my first leman Russ battle tank! Should be done tonight.

I started with adeptus battle grey and gnorloc green with a heavy wash of secret weapon armor wash over it.

I then dry brushed Gretchen green and codex grey over the top and painted the recesses with Devlan mud. I picked out the eagle and the company marking with skull white and then started in on secret weapon green earth pigment.

The effect is a dirt encrusted tank that has seen service on a forested world where it rains quite frequently!

That's all for now.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bay Area Open

+++Warning. I'm Rambling+++

I purchased my tickets to the event yesterday and even managed to get a few practice games in last friday.

the tournament uses all three scenarios from the core book mashed into one for each of the 7 games to be played, so it was this scenario that I played.

to clarfy, that is 2 capture and control objectives, 3 seize ground objectives and kill points to top it all off.

my first game I played against a pair of players running space marines and blood angels on a pitched battle line. bad luck plagued their first turn and saw their land raider imobalized in their deployment. to add insult to injury the tank was turned sideways to block LOS from my first turn of shooting and never got to fire anything more than the sponson the entire game.

the game went very well for me altough I must admit that bad dice on the part of my opponents really made a difference as I didn't lose a single model until turn 4.

final score: Marines 3 (2 Kill Points and 1 objective) Praetorian XXIII 10 (8 kill points and 2 objectives)

the secound game I played was against necrons and while it saw more individual casualties I gave up no kill points whatsoever. (huzzah for the last battle psyker hiding in a crater) A note on the battle psykers, I ran 8 and an overseer and their weaken resolve ability saw a 15man necron squad and joined named character (can't remember which one) flee off the battle field turn 2, more than double their victory points and double their kill points.

Final score: Necrons 0 Praetorian XXIII 7 (1 objective and 6 Kill points)

all said it was a fun night and even if defeat my opponents were gracious.

3 more weeks to work the kinks out of the list and then it's tourney day!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1250 CoC results

Reporting today on my recent tournament. The Tourney was 1250pts and due to comp restrictions I was forced to add a pair of vendettas to my foot list.

Colonel Soulban ( ca straken )
Flamethrower, vox and standard
Commissar lord
Power weapon and cloak

Platoon command
Lascannon, vox and standard.
Platoon blob
50 men, 1 vox, 5 Lascannon, 3 grenades and 4 power weapons

Special weapons team
Demo charge and 2 grenades

2 vendettas

Melta vets.

Drookian scouts ( penal legion )

My first game was against space wolves.
I Blobed with the commisar and command squads on my home objective and sent the vets, scouts and special weapon teams with the vendettas to tackle his objective.

He ran 2 long fang packs, wolf priest, three bikes and 3 grey hunter packs.

The blob repelled both the bikes and a grey hunter squad in close combat and otherwise traded shots with the long fangs.

His other grey hunters I whittled down with the my other units. Even managed to kill 5 in cover with the demo charge.

Game 2 was against chaos marines.

3 bikes, 2 ten man squads in rhinos, 1 five man squad, 3 terminators, five havocs with missiles and a daemon prince.

He reserved the bikes, terminators and 5 man squad. Which proved my undoing. I boosted the vendettas and lost both by turn 2. One to an angry daemon prince and the other to the bikes melta guns. After that I didn't have the mobility to take the objectives so it ended in a loss for me.

Game 3 was against guard

He ran 2 vendettas and 4 meltavets in chimeras with hull flamers. 2 hydras and a command squad in chimera.

He rushed turn one and I couldn't stop the burning death from destroying the blob squad.

Another loss.

Final thoughts:

I need better anti tank options to take on mech.

The blob in cover with the commissar cloak trick was awesome. It was only stopped by the flamers in the last game.

Going forward I will be adding in the leman russes and hopefully some more mid level anti-tank.